What is Particlon?

2 min readMar 25, 2022

Human beings are fascinated with life on other planets, and many are racing to establish residence in outer space. Charged Particles brings this opportunity directly to you in the new Particlon Universe. Charged Particles has enabled NFTs to open the floodgates in terms of utility by allowing individuals to nest other assets within their NFTs.

Particlons provide functionality you can’t find anywhere else in the crypto space as well as building out game-ready, blockchain assets to compete in prize pool tournaments.

Particlons is the first generative drop to come with nested ERC-20 utility tokens at the time of mint. Each Particlon will have a unique quantity of Particlon Utility Tokens ($PUT) that can be used to acquire additional in-game assets and entry to token-gated tournaments. Early minters will be rewarded with more $PUT tokens. See image below for more details.

Particlon has also announced its official partnership with Monaverse to bring you high profile engagement beyond just owning a digital asset.

Your Particlon NFT doubles as your VIP pass to token-gated Metaverse events including sponsored tournaments, concerts, comedy talent, social events, and more. Check out this immersive metaverse world produced by Mona HERE

As a Particlon NFT holder, you will be a leader in this space of exploration. By continuing to nest additional utility, your Particlon can be awarded advanced physical abilities, weapons, vehicles and accessories — all stored INSIDE the NFT itself! The Particlon Universe will expand rapidly. Profits from this mint will go directly into further building a tremendous interstellar entity for your Particlon to command and amplify utility for ages to come.

When the stakes get high, each planet will need its leaders to step up. Will your Particlon be the one to lead the CHARGE?

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