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In the beginning of the Particlon system, planets Hydroluna, Ignisis, and Terrasonia were bound together as a diverse celestial jewel. Since the beginning of creation, the Particlon gods masterfully orchestrated fire, water, and soil in perfect harmony. Each elemental god contributed to the vitality of the planet.

When an abrupt season of change disrupted the elements, the Particlon gods fought to return to their rightful balance. As the fires of Ignisis heated the planet, the ice began to melt, and the soil began to drown. This disparity became so great that elements were cast apart in the cosmos to form three new planets. Hydroluna, Ignisis, and Terrasonia were permanently divided when unable to achieve equilibrium in their unified state.

Planetary Gods — Only 4 exist in collection

Devastated, the Particlon System fell into a darkness amidst their disconnection. The gods vanished to their new respective planets to nurture organic rehabilitation.

Eventually, growth restored on the planets, and a glimmer of strength was visible yet again. Ignisis burned bright, Terrasonia flourished in dense foliage, Hydroluna began to thaw. Balance was finally achieved despite the distance, restoring light, life, and longevity to the Particlon System. Each of the elemental Particlon gods bore a unique planet and a species of Particlons in their own image to further develop the stability of the planet system.

Pursuit of Destiny

The history of growth has fostered an insatiable appetite for evolution amongst the planets. Particlons must pursue greatness by developing new traits and strengths, building utility to maintain balance and pursuit of destiny. Connections between Particlons from each planet led to the emergence of Bonded Particlons. This hybrid species levitates above the planets amongst the stars as omniscient celestial beings. Through their guidance, this evolutionary species propels Particlons forth combining the traits of each planet, connecting the galaxy in peace and harmony.

As the Particlon system becomes space-faring and peaceful, the elemental gods encourage their respective populace on a quest for distinctive advancements. Ignisis, Terrasonia, and Hydroluna participate in tournaments, displaying physical and cognitive challenges. As civilizations flourish with cities and governments, Particlons across all planets will find themselves with different roles to further advance cultural and structural development of their booming civilizations.

The development of these incredible technologies will highlight the natural planetary resources available to craft ships, tools, and special artifacts never seen before in the universe. By nesting rare materials inside their creations Particlons can pay homage to their elemental gods for their masterful Planetary revival.

With evolution on the horizon, all civilizations will benefit from a deep curiosity for exploration and development. In time, we will see just how much Particlons can achieve through both their alliances and competitions. The question remains, what is in store for each of these illustrious creatures as they navigate their own destiny?

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