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Wen Mint? Everything you need to know about mint week

Fellow Particlons,

Mint week is quickly approaching, and rightfully so, the most frequent question is: “Wen Mint?”

Here’s everything you need to know. There are 3 mint windows — Mint pass, Whitelist and Public mint. Keep in mind, the earlier you mint, the more $PUT tokens nested in your NFT — Check the deets below:


  • 10,069


  • 0.15 ETH (for WL and Public)


  • If you purchased / own a mint pass, you will mint April 4th
  • This window starts at 16:20 UTC (9:20am PST)
  • Free to mint — you will only pay for gas


  • Each WL spot can mint up to 3 Particlons
  • Each wallet holding a Lepton(s) can mint one Particlon for free, and are able to mint 3 additional Particlons at 0.15 ETH each
  • WL & Lepton mint opens Tuesday, April 5th at 19:20 UTC (12:20pm PST)
  • This will close April 7th at 16:19 UTC (9:19am PST)


  • There is no limit on how many Particlons each wallet can mint
  • Public sale opens Thursday, April 7th at 16:20 UTC (9:20am PST)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I own a mint pass, how many Particlons can I mint?

A: Each mint pass will allow you to mint one Particlon for free — just pay gas to claim!

Q: What is $PUT?

A: $PUT is the “Particlon Utility Token” that comes deposited inside of most Particlon NFTs. $PUT will be used to acquire additional in-game assets and may be used in additional ways in the ecosystem.

Q: Why doesn’t every Particlon have $PUT inside of it?

A: To save on gas, the FIRST Particlon NFT minted in a batch transaction will contain the $PUT for all the following transactions. So if you mint 5 Particlon NFTs, the first one will contain all of the $PUT for the 5 Particlons and the subsequent 4 Particlons will not have any $PUT in it. Please check the amounts of $PUT in your Particlon at before buying / selling.

Q: How much $PUT is in each NFT? $PUT Tokenomics?

A: 100% of the supply of $PUT is distributed in the 10,069 Particlons. Early minters will be rewarded with more $PUT tokens.

Q: Are Particlons ERC-721 NFTs?

A: Yes. Particlon is a standard ERC-721, just is given superpowers by the Charged Particles protocol allowing it to hold additional tokens.

Q: How do I remove or add more $PUT from my Particlon?

A: You can view, manage your Particlon’s $PUT Balance at Additionally, you can always access the Particlon NFT’s Smart wallet on

Q: What else can I deposit into my Particlon NFT?

A: Your Particlon NFT acts as a basket that is able to hold multiple ERC tokens, even other NFTs. The easiest use case is to create an NFT, and deposit tokens into that NFT. There are a LOT of use cases.

Q: What are the gas estimates of minting Particlon NFTs?

A: Since the first Particlon of each batch mint contains all the $PUT for that mint, it will be more expensive with gas — the Charged Particles protocol is creating a smart wallet owned by your Particlon and filling it full of $PUT. Subsequent Particlon NFTs in that transaction will be much cheaper as there are no $PUT tokens. Gas estimates at 50 GWEI: 1 NFT: 0.0229E, 3 NFTs: 0.0245E, 6 NFTs: 0.0282E, 10 NFTs: 0.0332E, 20 NFTs: 0.0455E

You can try to time lower gas times using this chart:

Q: Where can I find out more information about Charged Particles?

A: Charged Particles is a NFT Protocol operating since early 2020. The protocol has been live on ETH and Polygon since Feb’21. Additional information can be found here:

Q: What if I missed the April 5th Whitelist window to mint?

A: As long as you are whitelisted, you can mint any time before public sale. If you miss this window, will need to mint during the public sale

Q: When can I see my Particlon NFT’s contents on

A: The Particlon contract is being updated to Charged Particles’ DApp and you will be able to manage (deposit, withdrawl, timelock) assets in your Particlon soon.

Q: Wen reveal?

A: April 14th

Have a question? Let us know in the discord, or stop by our Booth at NFT LA this week and ask the team in person!